Laurel Highlands Ultra

70.5 Mile Team Relay

June 11th, 2016 - 5:30 a.m.

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70 Mile Team Relay Application

Not ready to do the entire race by yourself? How about entering a team in the relay event? The relay consists of teams comprised of up to five (5) runners. Each of the team members will run one leg of the race. The legs are of varied distances. Each of the four (4) checkpoints and the end of the race comprise the relay legs. The checkpoints, along with the distances are listed in the chart below. Each team member will run one or more of the legs. A team can be made up of less than five runners, but then one of the members will have to run multiple legs. An individual runner can be on a team, however, that runner will have to run the first leg of the relay, and then continue on as a solo entrant after the first leg of the relay. If a solo runner is also part of a team, the team entry fee will be reduced by sixty ($60.00) dollars, provided that the solo runner has sent in his/her entry fee. Please submit your team entries together.

Entering a team in the relay race is a great way to get a taste of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail without committing to the entire distance. Each year we receive many positive comments from team members. They all seem to enjoy the day running on our beautiful trail with a few of their friends.

There are a few extra rules that the teams must abide by:

Please visit the Results page for a listing of the teams that finished prior races.

Here is a chart of the sections and mileage.

Checkpoint Mileage Sect. Mileage Time of day Cut-off (hrs:mins) Sect. Time Overall Pace Sect. Pace
#1 - Route 653 19.3 19.3 11:15 am 5:45:00 5:45:00 0:17:53 0:17:53
#2 - Route 31 32.3 13.0 3:00 pm 9:30:00 3:45:00 0:17:39 0:17:18
#3 - Route 30 46.4 14.1 7:30 pm 14:00:00 4:30:00 0:18:06 0:19:09
#4 - Route 271 57.1 10.7 11:00 pm 17:30:00 3:30:00 0:18:23 0:19:38
Finish - Route 56 70.5 13.4 3:30 am 22:00:00 4:30:00 0:18:43 0:20:09
Team NumberTeam NameDivision
R724 Just The Two Of Us Mixed
R725 Hidalgo Mixed
R726 The Mudskippers Male
R727 Team Unicorn Mixed
R728 Weaver Ladies Female
R729 Grace #1 Mixed
R730 Grace #2 Mixed
R731 Rett Racers Mixed
R732 Scrambled Legs And Achin Mixed
R733 We Know How To Move Mixed
R734 We're Looking For Bigfoot Mixed
R735 DOC Tours Mixed
R736 Moon Beamers Mixed
R737 Stairway to Seven-Ty Female
R738 Billy Goats Griff Male
R739 The Z Team Male
R740 All In The Family Mixed


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